POWERSOLO (DK) – Donkey Punk on tour

POWERSOLO is a rock and roll band which formed in 1996 in Aarhus, Denmark by Vocalist/Guitarist Kim “Kix” Jeppesen. Their sound- termed by the band as “Donkey Punk” is characterized by an often frantic and raucous blend of Garage, Punk, Psychobilly, Surf, and World Music. Never a band to be put into one box, these influences bounce back-and-forth on every record, displaying the groups versatility, whilst still always carrying a retro-rock vibe to all of their compositions. Ace!

26/05/2023 D-Lübeck, Treibsand
27/05/2023 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
28/05/2023 D-Erfurt, Frau Korte
29/05/2023 D-Dresden, Ostpol
30/05/2023 A-Vienna, Arena
31/05/2023 D-Mainz, Schon schön
01/06/2023 D-Münster, Gleis 22
02/06/2023 D-Essen, Freakshow
03/06/2023 D-Husum, Speicher


THE OUTCASTS (NIR) – on a short trip

In early 1977, a band of brothers became just that: a band. Sick of not being allowed into clubs – and getting barred from five in one week – because of the way they looked, three brothers and a few friends became a clique known as The Outcasts. Within months, they were one of the hottest bands on the emerging Belfast punk scene.
A band that still wants it and gets it. Great to watch live with probably their best years still ahead of them, this band is a legend and a true punkrock unit that wont retire any time soon.
The current line up of the band consists of Originals Greg Cowan on bass and vocals and Martin Cowan on guitar; Buck Defect on guitar and JP ‘Dear Boy Moonie’ on drums are the newbies.

18/05/2023 CH-Bern, Rössli
19/05/2023 D-Mannheim, Alter
20/05/2023 D-München, Glocke


Nasty Rumours (CH) on tour!

NASTY RUMOURS is a Powerpop / ‘77 Punkrock band from Bern, Switzerland. Inspired by late 70s legends such as The Boys, The Undertones and Buzzcocks these Swiss Punkrockers will feed you with Powerpop choruses that will stick in your head for weeks.
The new full length album “Bloody Hell, What A Pity!” was released on 11. November 2022. 12 Tracks, 24 minutes – short as your pinkie, sharp as a knife and sweet as a sugarcoated candy!

09/05/2023 D-München, Unter Deck (w/ Chelsea)
10/05/2023 D-Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm
11/05/2023 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang (w/ Chelsea)
12/05/2023 DK-Aalborg, 1000Fryd
13/05/2023 D-Frankfurt, AU


CHELSEA (GB) – celebrating 40 years of „Evacuate“

Legendary punk band Chelsea is celebrating 40 years of „Evacuate“ in 2023, the classic album of the band. Guitarist Rob Miller will be joining this tour. He first joined Chelsea in 1993 for The Alternative tour and the Traitors Gate album and tour in 1994.
Chelsea were formed in 1976 by front man Gene October. Spearheading the punk movement, their debut single ‘Right To Work’ was released in 1977 which brought the attention of the music press. Gene October was responsible for starting The Roxy Club in Soho where many of the early punk bands started playing and Chelsea began playing alongside the likes of The Clash, The Damned, The Police, Sham 69. Featuring in Derrek Jarman’s punk film ‘Jubilee’ Chelsea also featured on 2 John Peel sessions and the Old Grey Whistle Test at the BBC promoting their self titled first album.

04/05/2023 D-Bochum, Wageni
05/05/2023 PL-Pobiedna, P.D.S. “PUNKTEON”
06/05/2023 CZ-Bohuslavice, Noise Bar
07/05/2023 CZ-Ostrava, Barrak Music Club
08/05/2023 A-Vienna, Chelsea
09/05/2023 D-Munich, Unter Deck (w/ Nasty Rumours)
10/05/2023 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
11/05/2023 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang (w/ Nasty Rumours)
12/05/2023 D-Berlin, Reset Club
13/05/2023 D-Düsseldorf, Ratinger Hof


THE RAMONAS on tour!

The Ramonas are the UK’s best tribute act to the iconic New York forerunners of punk; The Ramones.
The band began in 2004 and has since evolved into the ultimate re-creation of the 1976 spirit of the definite garage punk rock band. Known for high energy performances that thrill the audiences with all the classic songs, you better be going to see them play!
“Touring, Touring is never boring” and these girls are guaranteed to play high energy, full throttle one hour shows that’ll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit. Their relentless shows and non stop touring has earnt them the label of one of the hardest working bands on the scene in recent years.
The Ramonas not only perform sets of Ramones tunes; since 2016 they have also written and released a number of self-penned albums and EP’s which include their hits First World Problems, Speak Up, The Daily Fail and more!

19/04/2023 D-Bochum, Trompete
19/04/2023 D-Essen, Don’t Panic
20/04/2023 D-Würzburg, Immerhin
21/04/2023 D-München, Rote Sonne
22/04/2023 D-Unterwaldhausen, Querbeat Festival
23/04/2023 D-Freiburg, Cafe Atlantik
24/04/2023 CH-Solothurn, Kofmehl
25/04/2023 D-Köln, BüZe
26/04/2023 D-Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
27/04/2023 D-Bremen, Meisenfrei
28/04/2023 D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt