THE AVENGERS from San Francisco

In the late ’70s, The Avengers burst out of San Francisco, establishing themselves as one of the US’s preeminent punk bands. Their live shows were legendary, playing up and down the West Coast and even blowing Sex Pistols off the stage at the latter’s final performance.
The Pink Album remains The Avengers’ definitive statement – collecting their classic Dangerhouse EP, sessions recorded with the Pistols’ Steve Jones and a half-dozen revelatory demos. While much has been written about The Avengers in the past three decades, rock critic Greil Marcus puts it succinctly, “The word I always come back to is mystical, and that remains almost theirs alone.” “The most powerful band in San Francisco, and America’s best straight-ahead punk band.” –

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26/04/2024 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
27/04/2024 D-Schwerte, Rattenloch
28/04/2024 D-Bochum, Wageni
29/04/2024 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
30/04/2024 D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt
02/05/2024 CZ-Prague, Klub 007
03/05/2024 PL-Bielsko-Biala, Rude Boy
04/05/2024 PL-Pobiedna, P D S Punkteon
05/05/2024 PL-Mogilno, Magazyn Zbożowy GS
07/05/2024 SK-Bratislava, Randal
08/05/2024 A-Vienna, Arena
09/05/2024 D-Munich, Glocke (w/ Guitar Gangsters)
10/05/2024 D-Bamberg, Liveclub
11/05/2024 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei


POWERSOLO (DK) – Donkey Punk on tour

POWERSOLO is a rock and roll band which formed in 1996 in Aarhus, Denmark by Vocalist/Guitarist Kim “Kix” Jeppesen. Their sound- termed by the band as “Donkey Punk” is characterized by an often frantic and raucous blend of Garage, Punk, Psychobilly, Surf, and World Music. Never a band to be put into one box, these influences bounce back-and-forth on every record, displaying the groups versatility, whilst still always carrying a retro-rock vibe to all of their compositions. Ace!

17/04/2024 D-Hamburg, Monkeys Music Club
18/04/2024 D-Mannheim, Altes Volksbad
19/04/2024 D-Unterwaldhausen, Querbeat Festival
20/04/2024 D-Dresden, Polimagie Festival @ Beatpol
21/04/2024 D-Quedlinburg, KUZ Reichenstrasse (sunday afternoon matinee)


THE OUTCASTS (NIR) – on a short trip

In early 1977, a band of brothers became just that: a band. Sick of not being allowed into clubs – and getting barred from five in one week – because of the way they looked, three brothers and a few friends became a clique known as The Outcasts. Within months, they were one of the hottest bands on the emerging Belfast punk scene.
A band that still wants it and gets it. Great to watch live with probably their best years still ahead of them, this band is a legend and a true punkrock unit that wont retire any time soon.
The current line up of the band consists of Originals Greg Cowan on bass and vocals and Martin Cowan on guitar; Buck Defect on guitar and JP ‘Dear Boy Moonie’ on drums are the newbies.

16/04/2024 CH-Zürich, Dynamo
17/04/2024 CH-Bern, Rössli
18/04/2024 F-Framont, La Brasserie
19/04/2024 D-Essen, Freakshow
20/04/2024 D-Berlin, Wild at heart (w/ The Pissed Ones)



LOOK OUT! One of Europe’s longest standing power-pop / pop-punk / good-time-rock’n’roll-bands has once again decided to launch a new album on us! They will also take their sugar-filled show on the road, and will be rippin’ it up at a place near YOU!
THE YUM YUMS started in 1993 and they wanted to put a little sunshine and fun back in rock’n’roll by combining the classic sounds of The Ramones, The Beat, The Rubinoos, The Real Kids with the sound of their heroes at the time: The Devil Dogs, The Vacant Lot, Psychotic Youth… and top it off with sprinkles of 60’s girlgroups, surf and even a little bit of 70’s glam.

After some 7″ singles, The Yum Yums released their debut album Sweet As Candy. The album was released on several labels around the world, and received raving reviews! In Norway, the album even got nominated for a Grammy for best rock album. Didn’t win, though…
And their new album «Poppin’ Up Again!» will be released for their spring tour in 2024!

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12/04/2024 D-Essen, Rockaway Beach Festival Vol 2
13/04/2024 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
14/04/2024 D-Mücke/ Atzenhain, Linde
15/04/2024 B-Namur, Le Petit Bitu
16/04/2024 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
17/04/2024 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
18/04/2024 D-Bielefeld, Stereo
19/04/2024 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
20/04/2024 D-Hannover, Monster Records


Supersuckers – on another Euro tour

The greatest rock and roll band in the world, the Supersuckers, were founded in 1988 and released their first album “The Smoke of Hell” in 1992 on Seattle’s Sub Pop label. Having arrived on Steamhammer over time, the band’s 13th album, “Play That Rock ‘n’ Roll”, was released in 2020.
After excursions into the cowboy and country realms in recent years, they have returned with snotty rawk ‘n’ roll, with a raised middle finger and the typical Supersuckers sound – a bit of country and a lot of Motörhead.
Now traveling as a trio, they will also delight fans with a European tour in 2024. Songs from the last album, old classics and one or two country songs are part of the program. And lots of coolness.

If you don’t like the Supersuckers, you don’t like Rock-N-Roll.
-Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead

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27/03/2024 A-Vienna, Chelsea
28/03/2024 SK-Bratislava, Randal
29/03/2024 D-Tanna, Kuhstall
30/03/2024 D-Frankfurt, Das Bett
31/03/2024 D-Erfurt, Museumskeller
01/04/2024 D-Altlandsberg, Buchholz Saloon
03/04/2024 D-Dortmund, Subrosa
04/04/2024 D-Hannover, Lux
05/04/2024 D-Bremen, Lagerhaus
06/04/2024 D-Monheim am Rhein, Sojus