Trigger Kid & the Ending Man (D)

The drummer Philip Ohlendorf (The Roaring 420s, formerly Tú Acá No & Electric Hoodoo) and Trieblaut’s frontman Oliver Zorn (formerly Mad Man‘s Milk & Pseudowüter) founded a new duo in the summer of 2018: TRIGGER KID & THE ENDING MAN. After all, in addition to the mere presence in this world, it’s always about finding out how much something fits. Armed only with drums, bass guitar, effects and vocals they play their kind of musical ecstasy with fun, depth and absolute passion! In doing so, they are playful and intuitively override genre boundaries with new hot creations! No limitations right from the start! The result is a condensed cross-genre melange between punk, noise rock and post-grunge, occasionally enriched with some doom elements. Huge, ecstatic and pretty dark!


for clubshows and festivals available all year


14/01/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
20/01/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
11/02/2023 D-Dresden, Privatparty Werft Übigau
12/02/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
17/02/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
11/03/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
12/03/2023 D-Dresden, Theaterhaus Rudi
18/04/2023 D-Dresden, Ostpol
19/04/2023 D-Hildesheim, VEB Hildesheim
20/04/2023 D-Hamburg, MS Stubnitz
21/04/2023 D-Kiel, Schaubude
28/04/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
29/04/2023 D-Jena, Alster
20/05/2023 D-Hoyerswerda, Theatershow @ Kufa
27/05/2023 D-Bautzen, Theatershow Burgtheater
03/07/2023 D-Bamberg, Live Club
05/08/2023 D-Bautzen, Spotjam Skaterfestival
14/10/2023 D-Olbernau, Theatershow @ Theater Variabel


Oliver Zorn – Bass & Vocals
Philip Ohlendorf – Drums, Perc & Vocals


2019 – “Shore Demo CD”
2020 – “Kings & Slaves LP + Downloadcode”
2021 – Speed 7" Single (Red Vinyl)


On the Run Records (OTR)