The Pissed Ones (D)

Sometime in 2013, two guitarists formed a band in a filthy club toilet. Such projects usually do not last longer than the conversation in which they have been planned. Not so with THE PISSED ONES – they will be celebrating their 10th band anniversary in 2024! Musically, rock ‘n’ roll and punk rock from the 70s are celebrated right from the start. The basis of their sound is a straightforward but solid rhythm section that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, providing a stable foundation for a wall of guitars that carves into your cortex somewhere between AC/DC and STATUS QUO.
In 2014, numerous concerts were played and a demo tape was recorded, several copies of which were quickly sold out. After a continuous German tour with EASTIE ROIS and MOMMY BOYS, the debut album “Piss In Your Pocket” was recorded with Smail (THE SHOCKS). This album also sold out quickly and was released as a second pressing by WANDA RECORDS in 2022.

OX wrote: “(…) THE PISSED ONES, the four-headed, crookedly coiffed parents and drummer terror from Dresden, has finally enriched the stale air from the rehearsal room to such an extent that a real album has come out of it, and with it a tree in punk rock landscape that no one would dare to touch so quickly, because with traces of smoke from LITTLE BOB STORY, RIFF RAFF and THE DAMNED, 1976 once again makes such an impressive impression on this record that the rivets in your leather jacket will burst out of shock. (…)”

Several publications followed. Their stage experience includes over 150 concerts, including two German and two European tours as well as a concert in London. They have already shared the stage with big names in the scene such as THE DAMNED, THE KIDS, SHAM69, THE VIBRATORS, THE BRIEFS, UK SUBS, and many more.


on tour: 27 Sept – 05 Oct 2024
all year through, get in touch for a show


presented by Ox Fanzine &
20/04/2024 D-Berlin, Wild at heart (w/ The Outcasts)
01/05/2024 D-Prölsdorf, G’schrei in den Mai
02/05/2024 D-Deutzen, Rock am Kuhteich
03/05/2024 D-Augsburg, Haifischbar
04/05/2024 D-Wunsiedel, KULTnacht
14/06/2024 D-Oberhausen, Druckluft
15/06/2024 D-Bochum, Wageni
25-27/07/2024 D-Glaubitz, Back to future Festival


ERNSTL – vox, guitar
EDDING – guitar, vox
HANNES – bass
TONI – drums, vox


2016: “Piss In Your Pocket" (Wanda Rec)
2022: “Don’t need you" (Wanda Rec)


Wanda Records