O H L (D)

OHL are back and are once again putting their finger on the wound with their new album called “Brandstifter” (Sunny Bastards Rec) and are not going to let themselves be shut up against any zeitgeist or social situation!
OHL was founded in January 1980 by Deutscher W (Deutscher W stands for “German Resistance”, the movement that opposed the Nazi dictatorship in the 3rd Reich – see the Scholl siblings / the white rose) and is a punk band from the very beginning. From the beginning, the band consistently went their own way and impresses with their uncompromising way of calling a spade a spade.
Wild and unconventional, OHL quickly gathered a large fan base and has not been pigeonholed for over four decades.

Live, OHL still sets off loud and hard fireworks today, fighting and denouncing every form of political extremism and religious fanaticism… and the only thing they leave behind is scorched earth.

One of the last true punk bands – while other punk bands eke out an existence in the softened mainstream feel-good mode or have settled into popular German rock, O H L are what they have always been. A punk band. Times are tough. O H L are harder.


available all year


21/09/2024 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
16/11/2024 D-Kassel, Goldgrube
30/11/2024 D-Hannover, Subkultur TICKETS


Deutscher W – vocals
L. Kaida – guitar
Egon Krenz – bass
Schopenhauer – drums


1980: Klänge des Widerstands (Demokassette, 2004 auf LP wiederveröffentlicht)
1981: Heimatfront
1982: 1000 Kreuze
1983: Oktoberrevolution
1983: Verbrannte Erde
1986: Jenseits von gut und böse
1993: Die Auferstehung
1994: Das 7. Zeichen
1996: Die Stunde der Wahrheit
1997: Im Westen nichts neues
1998: Blitzkrieg
2002: Wir sind die Türken von Morgen
2003: Zurück zur Front
2005: Live in Wien
2005: Heimkehr
2006: Feindkontakt
2009: Krieg der Kulturen
2013: Freier Wille
2015: Propaganda
2017: Der Feind meines Feindes[
2018: Adrenalin (4 Track 12")
2020: Das Salz in deiner Wunde
2023: Brandstifter


Sunny Bastards