Wonk Unit und Pascow gemeinsam!

Wonk Unit is a band that is unique in Europe with its own sound, its own humor, its own festival and a deeply rooted DIY Background. Alex Brindle Johnson as the lead singer but also poet, skater, stage performer and creative motor is the heart of the band. Several claim that WONK UNIT is currently the most exciting thing happening on Europe’s punk rock stages.
And in February they will be playing support for the great Pascow on a few shows in Germany!

presented by Ox Fanzine & Livegigs.de + Punkrockers Radio
14/02/2023 D-Essen, Anyway
15/02/2023 D-Reutlingen, Franz K. (w/ Pascow)
16/02/2023 D-Leipzig, Conne Island (w/ Pascow)
17/02/2023 D-Hannover, Faust (w/ Pascow)
18/02/2023 D-Hamburg, Markthalle (w/ Pascow)
14/06/2023 D-Köln, EDP
15/06/2023 D-Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
16/06/2023 D-Leipzig, Beard Ättäck Festival
19/06/2023 D-Bamberg, Liveclub
20/06/2023 D-Saarbrücken, Tante Anna
21/06/2023 D-Alsdorf, Biermanufaktur Langguth
28/06/2023 D-Dresden, Ostpol
29/06/2023 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
01/07/2023 D-Hünxe, Ruhrpott Rodeo
20/07/2023 D-Düsseldorf, Pitcher
21/07/2023 D-Hamburg, Rebellion Warm up @ Knust
22/07/2023 D-Selters, Seepogo Festival