You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen the records, the t-shirts and the stickers. They’re probably the favorite band of someone you know and yet maybe they’re still a mystery to you. Well my friend, that’s okay, you’re at the right place to get to know the greatest rock-n-roll band in the world, The Supersuckers.
Supersuckers were originally signed to Seattle’s Sub Pop label where they released their debut album “The Smoke of Hell” in 1992. The group stayed with the label throughout the 1990’s until their final greatest hits release in 1999 “How the Supersuckers became the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the World”. Forming their own label Mid-Fi Recordings the band continued to release great albums up until now. And they will be coming on tour in April again!

12/04/2018 D-Munich, Strom
13/04/2018 CZ-Prague, Klub 007
14/04/2018 D-Frankfurt, Orange Peel
15/04/2018 D-Hannover, Lux
16/04/2018 D-Bremen, Lila Eule
17/04/2018 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
18/04/2018 A-Vienna, Chelsea
21/04/2018 D-Köln, Jungle