LOMBEGO SURFERS – on tour with a brand new album!

Trends often wash new bands to the shore only to drown them again with the next wave. But not The Lombego Surfers. For over twenty years now, the three rockers from Boston and Basel have sailed through Europe. They have never been bothered with current trends, following only the Jolly Roger flags painted on their bones by Dirk Bonsma. There often is no gold where they land. A cask of rum, whisky or beer is reason enough for the trio to start a hearty surf’n’roll mutiny.
And the band just released their brand new album “HEADING OUT” as LP/CD (2018, Flight 13 Records) which you gotta grab at one of their shows! No excuses!

27/04/2018 D-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
28/04/2018 A-Hallein, Zone 11
29/04/2018 D-Wilkau-Haßlau, private beerfest
30/04/2018 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
01/05/2018 D-Waldkirchen, AZ Dorftrottel
02/05/2018 CZ-Prag, Cross Club
03/05/2018 D-Töging, Schutzraum
04/05/2018 D-Nürnberg, Zentralcafe K4
05/05/2018 CH-St Gallen, Grabenhalle
17/05/2018 CH-Bern, Rössli
18/05/2018 CH-Schaffhausen, Taptab
19/05/2018 CH-Frauenfeld, Kaff
23/06/2018 CH-Ehrendingen, Festival des Arcs
01/09/2018 D-Arendsee, Rockt den See
14/09/2018 CH-Rorschach, Treppenhaus
15/09/2018 D-Auggen, Sternen
19/10/2018 D-Bamberg, Illusion Club
20/10/2018 D-Aschaffenburg, JUKUZ/ Beatbaracke