Hervé “Dstroy” Ashtone

Bye Hervé – we will miss you!
DStroy, guitar player of the french band Ashtones, is dead. After the tragedy in January 2011, when Francis, lead guitar player of the band, got shot by a hunter while driving the band’s van on the french motorway, the news seem so incredible and not real.

I was on tour with 2nd District in November 2011 and Gé, singer of Ashtones, organized a wonderfull concert for us and Ashtones in his hometown Lille in France November 11, 2011. It was Ashtones’ first concert with the new line up and the new guitar player Alex who jumped in Francis’ footsteps.
The evening was fabulous and the party awesome. The next morning, Hervè left the club. That was the last time we saw him alive.
He has been missing for 12 days. No news, no sign. And today we all got the sad news. They found his body in a river outside of Lille. There are no details announced yet.

I don’t know what to say. My thoughts are in Lille…

TV Video in french: CLICK & WATCH
Ashtones live in concert
11 November 2011 at La Chimere, Lille/ France