Following Guitar Gangsters’ 35 the anniversary in 2023, the next chapter of the bands history is about to be written. 11 album releases and tours in 28 countries just isn’t enough! Guitar Gangsters continue to produce stunning live shows and new releases which remain true to their melodic punk roots – slices of suburban life, failed love, failed ambition and social politics packed into three- minute power punk gems.
In 2019 this London three piece became a four piece with the addition of Ed Sonsino on guitar – the big sound got even bigger! In a post pandemic 2022, Guitar Gangsters made a return with the release of their 11th studio album, “Fortune Favours The Brave” and gigged throughout 2022 in UK and Europe. 2024 sees the release of the vinyl EP “The Faithful”, the title track for which is a salute to all those that have found punk to be the place where they belong. To mark the 35th anniversary of the release of the band’s first album “Prohibition”, a new vinyl live studio session performance will be released in May.
Guitar Gangsters will always stick proudly to their inspirational punk rock guns with more than just a hint of rock’n’roll attitude. With a formidable back catalogue and a swagger that is only achieved through years of experience, there’s never been a better time to see this band live and to be part of the next chapter.

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08/05/2024 D-Oberhausen, Druckluft
09/05/2024 D-München, Glocke (w/ Avengers)
10/05/2024 D-Donaueschingen, KuBa
11/05/2024 D-Stuttgart Neugereut, Jugendhaus
12/05/2024 CH-Bern, Rössli (w/ Escalator Haters)
13/05/2024 D-Bamberg, Liveclub
14/05/2024 CZ-Prag, Klub 007
15/05/2024 CZ-Brno, Kabinet MÚZ
16/05/2024 SK-Kosice, Collosseum
17/05/2024 SRB-Sombor, Bowling Stones
18/05/2024 SK-Bratislava, Randal
19/05/2024 A-Wien, Rhiz
21/05/2024 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
22/05/2024 D-Hamburg, Indra
23/05/2024 D-Dortmund, Subrosa
24/05/2024 D-Düsseldorf, Der Hof (w/ The Movement)
25/05/2024 D-Alsdorf, Pitrock Festival (w/ The Movement, Wonk Unit)