GRINDHOUSE – craziness from Melbourne!

In 2014 Melbourne garage rock’n’roll band Grindhouse was born. Heavily influenced by heavy hitting Aussie proto punk forefathers The Saints and Radio Birdman, Grindhouse forged its reputation with influences from Australian production cars and a high octane proto punk sound.
Grindhouse, thats four sexually misguided punk rock outlaws on a mission to deliver low down, cheap seats dirty garage rock action at all costs.
With three studio albums under the belt and having worked with Steven McDonald (The Melvins, OFF! and Redd Kross) on recording and production for the most recent long players, Crazy Pussy and Can I Drive Your Commodore. The boys are set for a blistering 2019, with Melbourne garage label Off the Hip on board, Grindhouse are set to deliver album number four. They’re hard, they’re dumb and they’re fast… but are you ready?

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06/07/2019 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
07/07/2019 D-Hünxe, Ruhrpott Rodeo
08/07/2019 NL-Groningen, Lola
09/07/2019 F-Paris, Gibus (w/ Poison Idea)
10/07/2019 F-Tranqueville-Graux, La Bazka
11/07/2019 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
12/07/2019 D-Prölsdorf, Krach am Bach Festival
13/07/2019 B-Gierle, Sjock Festival
14/07/2019 D-Dortmund, Snooze Brigade @ FZW
15/07/2019 D-Berlin, Schokoladen
16/07/2019 D-Kassel, Goldgrube
18/07/2019 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
19/07/2019 D-Glaubitz, Back to future Festival
20/07/2019 D-Selters, See Pogo Festival
21/07/2019 B-Waarschoot, Cafe Metro
22/07/2019 B-Kortrijk, The Pits
23/07/2019 F-Lille, L’Imposture
24/07/2019 F-Le Havre, L’Escale
25/07/2019 F-Rennes, Mondo Bizarro
26/07/2019 F-Binic, Binic Blues Folks Festival 1st part
27/07/2019 F-Binic, Binic Blues Folks Festival 2nd part