Francis Collet

francisThe story behind his tragical death

Francis Collet was the guitar player of the french punkrock band ASHTONES. He was shot in the head January 9, 2011, from a hunter”s bullet while driving the band”s van back home on the french motorway close to Dijon after a gig. He died immediately.

The hunter got caught by the police and his weapon was taken under investigation while the murderer was sent back home! The official story is, it was a lost bullet and Francis had bad luck. Unbelievable for all of us!

To get deeper into the details, you have to know that hunters have a very good repution in France, especially since Sarkozy is the boss of this sick french society.

20 metres besides the motorway close to Dijon, there is a private forest that belongs to rich hunters who shoot on… I don” really want to know….and surprise surprise, Francis murderer is a rich kid. A son of a rich hunter who is protected by the law. Of course, not officially… but we all know what it is to be an outsider in this world and who wins and who loses in a society that is ruled by money and influences.

A mother was killed almost on the same spot while sitting on the backseat of the car between her young children some years ago. She was shot in the head, too, and her murderer spent just one year in prison! Of course, it was a lost bullet again, and so, its not really like killing somebody. Unbelievable!!
I know that people who just dealt with soft drugs, spent more than one year in prison. Just to compare how fair this world seems to be…

Since Francis family and the ASHTONES want to bring justice to Francis tragical death, they hired a barrister who will take care of giving truth to this occurrence. As you know, this will cost a lot of money which we all don”t have.
Therefore, I want to start collecting money to help the band and Francis family paying the barrister, to bring justice to Francis and show how sick our society is. A little chance to make the world better…. I want to try.

If you guys have some money to give, no matter how much, please contact me:
sandra @

Thank you very much!