CYANIDE PILLS (GB) – Soundtrack to the new cold war

The Cyanide Pills may just be the greatest band in the world… Four full length albums and a live 10″ plus ten 7″ singles so far, the fourth full length album „Soundtrack to the new cold war“ got released on 4th of August 2023, on Damaged Goods again. Think of The Boys, Buzzcocks, The Briefs, Ramones and you are getting the idea.
The Cyanide Pills started life after a few mates, who’d been in bands around the Leeds, England area decided to pool their resources and form the band they all really wanted to be in. This was mid 2008.
Damaged Goods Records London signed the band right away and their debut single ‘Break It Up’ came out in early 2009. Their selftitled debut album got released in 2010. And the rest is history.

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16/11/2023 D-Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm
17/11/2023 D-Frankfurt, AU
18/11/2023 D-Landshut, Rocket Club
19/11/2023 CH-Bern, Rössli
20/11/2023 CH-Zürich, Dynamo
21/11/2023 D-München, Unter Deck
22/11/2023 D-Weinheim, Cafe Central
23/11/2023 D-Osnabrück, Bastard Club (w/ Bishops Green)
24/11/2023 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang (w/ Bishops Green)
25/11/2023 D-Düsseldorf, Der Hof Düsseldorf
26/11/2023 B-Antwerpen, Kid’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Kaffee