Zuname (means “Tsunami”) is a punk rock band with bagpipes from Moscow. Since 1997 they went from oldschool punk rock with melodic hardcore and ska influences to energetic melodic punk with bagpipes. Zuname is not a folk-punk band or a celtic-punk. Zuname is a punk band, that usees the bagpipe like a knife in a fight. We are not a group of musicians, we are a band of old punks, who have something to say and some music to share. Zuname liveshows will hit you like a soviet train, that is running through Europe spreading melodies and fun. Through all these years Zuname has kept punk attitude to things, that are happening around. Sometimes it’s time to have fun, sometimes it’s time to fight. We don’t need mohawks to care about culture and we don’t need to prove anything at all. Once a year we go on tour to speak with our music to those, who don’t speak russian. And all who’ve been to our shows will approve, that they’ve understood what we wanted to say.


all through the year


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Yaroz – vox&guitar
Dimik – guitar&vox
Andrey Ky – bass&vox
Marini – backpipe
Simon – drums


2004 – Este Tempo
2008 – Волна Цунами
2012 – Zuname EP
2015 – Поезд На Юму
2015 – Pipes Not Dead – EP
2016 – Magic Boys -EP
2016 – FC Beamish – Single
2017 – Nothing Can Stop Me – EP
2019 – Señor Diego