The Dead President – Moscow Ska Core band was born in 2009. They already have 6 LPs out of which their latest one “More, than music” got released by the English music label „Horn & Hoof records“ in 2018. The Dead President played many concerts in Russia with punk, Ska and Oi-bands such as Stage Bottless, Pestpocken, Total Chaos, Talco, The Locos and Acidez. They sing about fights with nazis and racism, about brotherhood and sisterhood, about anarchism and against the war and capitalism. Their concerts are always full of energy and madness.The band is gaining momentum every year like a locomotive demolishing everything in its path. The group consistently performs in Europe and leaves behind full halls of skins, punks and hardcore players.


available on request!


all gigs in 2021 Konzerte are cancelled
06/08/2021 D-Berlin, Resist to Exist Festival
18/09/2021 D-Potsdam, Archiv
20/09/2021 CZ-Kladno,Auto da Fe
21/09/2021 D-Halle, GIG
22/09/2021 D-Dresden, Ostpol
23/09/2021 D-Braunschweig, Nexus
24/09/2021 D-Dortmund, Rekorder
25/09/2021 D-Fürth, Kopf und Kragen
26/09/2021 D-Hof, Punker Keller
27/09/2021 CH-Zürich, Dynamo
29/09/2021 D-Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
30/09/2021 D-Berlin, KVU
01/10/2021 D-Hamburg, Gängeviertel
02/10/2021 D-Rostock, JAZ
03/10/2021 D-Neubrandenburg, AZ


Temych – vocals
Anton – bass
Ivan – guitar, back vocals
Dmitriy – lead guitar
Alexander Systerov – drums
Alexander Danielyan – tenor sax
Alexander Poslednik – trombone
Artem Trofimov – trumpet
Alexander Sladkiy Zelenskiy – alt sax


2011 beasts inside us
2012 no compromise,till death
2013 death to the puppeteer
2014 ska against racism
2016 religions of world supremacy
2017 split with Arkadiy Koc “National Grace
2018 More than music