Radio BirdmanAs one of the pioneers of the high energy rock ‘n’ roll scene, Radio Birdman will return to Europe this coming June and July. With three of the six personnel being original members, these shows will be a unique opportunity to catch this legendary Australian underground band whose flame has influenced a multitude of current contenders under the banner of ‘garage rock’.

Detroit born guitarist Deniz Tek, vocalist Rob Younger and drummer Ron Keeley started Radio Birdman mid 1974 in Sydney, Australia. They envisioned a band that would break rules and have no regard for the status quo of the parochial Australian rock business of the time. The band would play extremely hard and with maximum involvement from the members at all times. It was to be an art form created from passion, with no strict format or structure, which could go in any direction at any time. This would include forays into improvised visual as well as sonic realms. Loose, wild feedback drenched glory – no two performances were ever to be the same.

The band have reissued their formidable back catalogue in a CD box set in 2015. Their LPs are also being reissued. Two (including a previously unreleased live double LP recorded in 1977) have already seen light of day and it is expected the remaining two will be available by the time the band tours.
Radio Birdman is also releasing two previously unheard tracks on 7′ vinyl – the Master’s Apprentices “Buried and Dead”, and Alice Cooper’s “The Ballad of Dwight Fry”. Both cover versions were originally recorded in 2004 at Hothouse Audio in Melbourne, and recently remixed and mastered. The single will be a Record Store Day exclusive.

The band features original members Rob Younger, Deniz Tek, Pip Hoyle along with long time bassist Jim Dickson. Nik Rieth (drums) and Dave Kettley (guitar) have recently been added to the line-up.”


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Rob Younger (vox)
Deniz Tek (lead guitar, vox)
Pip Hoyle (keyboard)
Jim Dickson (bass)
Nik Rieth (drums)
Dave Kettley (guitar)


BURN MY EYE  – Trafalgar – EP – 1976
NEW RACE – Trafalgar – single – 1977
RADIOS APPEAR – Trafalgar – LP – 1977
BURNED MY EYE (live ’76)
ALOHA STEVE AND DANNO – Trafalgar – single – 1978
WHAT GIVES? – Phonogram – single – 1978
RADIOS APPEAR (Overseas) – Sire – LP – 1978
ALONE IN THE ENDZONE – WEA – single – 1981
UNDER THE ASHES – WEA – vinyl box set – 1988
MORE FUN! – WEA – 12" EP – 1989
BURN MY EYE – WEA – 12" EP – 1989
UNDER THE ASHES – WEA – double CD pack – 1992
THE E.P.’s – WEA – CD – 1992
RADIOS APPEAR – Red Eye reissue – album – 1995
LIVING EYES – Red Eye reissue – album – 1995
RITUALISM – Crying Sun/Citadel – album – 1997
ESSENTIAL BIRDMAN (1974 – 1978) – SubPop – album – 2001
RADIOS APPEAR – Citadel reissue – album – 2002
LIVING EYES – Citadel reissue – album – 2002
ZENO BEACH – Crying Sun/Shock – album – 2006
ZENO BEACH – YepRoc – album – 2006
HUNGRY CANNIBALS – Steel Cage Records – single – 2006
ZENO BEACH / SUBTERFUGE – Crying Sun Records – single – 2007
LIVE IN TEXAS – Crying Sun Records – album – 2010
BOX SET – Citadel – 7 cds + 1 dvd – 2014
LIVE AT PADDINGTON TOWN HALL 1977 (double gatefold vinyl LP) – 2014