2023 marks the 35th anniversary for Guitar Gangsters and the next chapter of the bands history is about to be written. 11 album releases and tours in 28 countries just isn’t enough! Guitar Gangsters continue to produce stunning lives shows and new releases which remain true to their melodic punk roots – slices of urban life, failed love, failed ambition and social politics packed into three-minute power punk gems.
Guitar Gangsters rose to the surface of the tidal wave of post punk guitar bands of the late 1980’s appearing on the seminal “Underground Rockers” compilation alongside similar revolutionaries, The Senseless Things, The Crack & Manic Street Preachers. Recording their first album in 1988, the band found its voice through the influence of the first wave of punk with a salute to the impact of bands like The Boys, Generation X, The Pistols, Ramones, The Saints and The Clash. With infectious melodies and irresistible anthems, the band toured with Stiff Little Fingers in the UK and cemented their place as a formidable live act in the early 1990’s while still only a three piece. An introduction to the European live scene with tours with 999 and The Lurkers led to frequent touring and album deals with a range of UK and European labels and a reputation for a professional, hardworking outfit that never fails attract a loyal following and to deliver onstage.
For their 10th studio album, the band was invited to New York to record with legendary Ramones producer Daniel Rey resulting in the tour de force that is, “Sex & Money”. Live performances of this and their debut album were recorded for livestreaming in 2021 and can be found on YouTube.
In 2019 this London three piece became a four piece with the addition of Ed Sonsino on guitar – the big sound got even bigger! In a post pandemic 2022, Guitar Gangsters made a return with the release of their 11th studio album, “Fortune Favours The Brave” and gigged throughout 2022 in UK and Europe.
Guitar Gangsters will always stick proudly to their inspirational punk rock guns with more than just a hint of rock’n’roll attitude. It’s been said that punk rock will never change the world but after a Gangsters’ show, you might just leave with the feeling you can change it yourself.


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22/09/2023 GB-Reading, Sub89
01/10/2023 GB-Sheffield, 02 Academy
18/10/2023 D-Hannover, Arminia Vereinshaus
19/10/2023 SWE-Malmö, Medley
20/10/2023 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
21/10/2023 D-Essen, Freakshow
29/10/2023 GB-Nuneaton, Queens Hall (w/The Professionals)
17/11/2023 GB-Gloucester, Gloucester Guild Hall (w/Cockney Rejects)
17/12/2023 GB-Blackpool, Waterloo Bar (w/Cyanide Pills)


Pete (guitar, vocals)
Phil (bass)
Chris (drums)
Ed (guitar)




2022: Fortune favours the brave (LP, CD, Breakout promotion)
2017: Sex and money (LP, Wanda Records/ Flight 13)
2015: Aftershow (7" Vinyl, Wanda Records)
2011: The class of 76 (LP,CD)
2009: Badge of honour (LP, CD)
2008: Razor Cuts – Best of! (CD)
2005: Let em have it (CD)
2002: Another day in Pleasantville (CD)
2000: Road to reality (CD)
2000: Lord of the dance (Mini CD, 7")
1998: Razor Cuts (EP)
1998: Made in England (Live CD)
1998: Prohibition/ Money with menace (CD)
1996: Skweeler (CD)
1995: Shes got a gun (EP)
1995: Powerchords for England (CD)
1993: Money with menace (CD)
1989: Prohibition (CD)


Rilrec/ Broken Silence/ Captain Oi!/ Wanda Records