If Fahnenflucht ever puts out a soft-spoken good mood album, we’ll know we’ve made it as a society. We have overcome our problems, destroyed racism, defeated capitalism and everyone is treated equally. As long as that hasn’t happened, Fahnenflucht will continue to angrily hold the mirror up to us and serve us zeitgeist distillates in 6 studio albums by now. Since their debut album in 2000, the band has gone where it hurts. Currently, Thomas (vocals), Mole (guitar), Kai (guitar), Dennis (bass) and Jan (drums) go along for the ride. The band and many of its members originated in the Lower Rhine region. But instead of brash village punk, Fahnenflucht has always been political punk, which can be heard loud and far across the country. There is not a single reason to be quiet about anti-fascism. And as long as there is, we need a band like Fahnenflucht with their uncompromising, intelligent punk rock that not only has its ears on the pulse of the times, but also both fists. This is constructive, well thought-out and consistent criticism of the system, politics, capitalism and society, without moralistic forefinger, but always with hand and foot. This is not an anti-attitude based on punk dogma. Fahnenflucht are against pigeonholing and don’t fit into any of them. They hit exactly where they are needed: cutting-edge, relevant and spot-on. This is ensured by clever lyrics, packaged in aggressive vocals, driven forward by melodic guitar riffs and energetic drumming. The sound sometimes veers towards hardcore without ever losing clarity. The guys know what they have to say and how, and manage to convey a damn loud message in their unmistakable signature even in quieter, experimental songs. The global crisis mode has become a permanent state not just since yesterday. Hopes of solving the big problems of our society are diminishing and for as long as that lasts, there will be no happy-go-lucky Fahnenflucht album. But give up? Never. “Weiter Weiter” is not only the current album title, but also a reminder of what Fahnenflucht has stood for for 25 years now.


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presented by Aggressive Punk Produktionen, Outofvogue.de
03/05/2024 D-Kirchheim, Rülps e.V. TICKETS
04/05/2024 D-Annaberg-Buchholz, Alte Brauerei TICKETS
24/05/2024 D-Hannover, Lux TICKETS
25/05/2024 D-Halle , Alte Schule – Home of Subculture
07/06/2024 D-Schwerin, Komplex
08/06/2024 D-Cottbus, 30 Jahre Chekov Festival
14/06/2024 D-Lübeck, Treibsand TICKETS
15/06/2024 D-Husum, Speicher TICKETS
26/07/2024 D-Peine, Refuse Festival
27/07/2024 D-Wirges-Skatepark, Sudwood Festival


Thomas – vocals
Mole – guitar
Kai – guitar
Dennis – bass
Jan – drums


1996 – Demotape (1996 Fahnenflucht self-released)
1998 – Fahnenflucht & Zaunpfahl – Terroristen-Split (1998 Bonecrusher Records)
2000 – Beissreflex (2000 Suppenkazpers Noize Imperium / Re-Release 2011 Aggressive Punk Produktionen)
2004 – K.O. System (2004 Suppenkazpers Noize Imperium / Re-Release 2013 Aggressive Punk Produktionen)
2006- Wer Wind Sät (2006 Suppenkazpers Noize Imperium / Re-Release 2011 Aggressive Punk Produktionen)
2014 – Schwarzmaler (Mai Aggressive Punk Produktionen)
2016 – Angst und Empathi (2016 Aggressive Punk Produktionen / Edel)
2021 – Fahnenflucht / 100 Kilo Herz – Split (2021 Aggressive Punk Produktionen, Bakraufarfita Records)
2021 – Weiter Weiter (2021 Aggressive Punk Produktionen (Edel / Kontor New Media)