Burning Heads was formed in Orleans (France) in 1987 and has been active since. Their very destiny makes them the most constant band on the French scene. Always on the radar. Always in touch. For many, they embody integrity and perseverance. In 2018, with Sam “Nasty Samy” Guillerand, we were busy writing the book that would become “Hey You! An Oral History of the Burning Heads”. To our great surprise, the band was being turned upside down right before our eyes. What the fans saw: an explosive 30th anniversary tour, tons of people attending their carte blanche at Hellfest Festival… and even a new model of skateboard! What was going on behind the curtain: tensions and the departure of Pierre, guitarist and singer – the voice until then engraved on each recording of the band. Had the last hour of Burning Heads come? The official response was posted on social media: “Keep the Fire Burning! A page is turning but The Burning Heads do not intend to stop there!” Summer 2019, things turn unexpectedly: Phil, the original guitarist, is back in the band, with his talent and legitimacy.
The crucial question of singing remains unanswered. Was the decision to be made going to convince the community of fans, or, worst case scenario, were the members of the band going to lose interest in the adventure? In September 2019, The Burning Heads posted the news: “The singing has been entrusted to Fra (The Eternal Youth/Ravi Creep AC)”. Founding member of the band, Thomas (drums) explains: “Fra fulfilled all the conditions: he knew The Burning Heads well – both the history of the band and its repertoire – he is a guy of our generation, we have common tastes, he completely understands the codes of punk rock as we like it, he plays bass and guitar and he has a great state of mind. The guy has it all. Yes, the choice was obvious.” It is an understatement to say that the result was eagerly awaited by the fans.
Fra told us: “From the first gigs, I confronted people in the audience after coming off the stage… The feedback was generally cool and benevolent. I took the comments and advice very seriously. Of course, I had some harsher feedback… Some people think that Burning Heads without Pierre is no longer Burning Heads. We can’t blame them from having their own opinion. Others were pleasantly surprised. They could visualize what it could become in the long run… Still others don’t even question themselves. For them, the songs exist, as well as the history of the band, so all that must necessarily keep going… I think they got it right.
To celebrate the renewal of the band, Torches Of Freedom was released. This new album delivers 12 compositions of punk rock with Californian colors, interpreted with the pedal to the metal. New team but familiar ground. Titles drawn from the Burning Heads vocabulary with catchy keywords: way, direction, anger, need! Compositions that we feel like they were worked in a collective and cohesive state of mind. From the first listens, the most experienced experts could not believe their ears. Dumbfounded. Fra’s voice is calibrated to perfection. And Phil’s guitar gimmicks are back! All in the name of fun, passion and energy, as the Burning Heads sing on one of the fastest and most hardcore tracks on the album. This fourteenth long game of the Burning Heads is one of the best of the band’s life. May the flames of the torches of freedom burn bright and for a long time!
– Guillaume Gwardeath


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François PATIN – vox
Jean-Benoît THAUVIN – bass
Mikis LUZEUX – guitar
Philippe AGOGUÉ – guitar
Thomas VIALLEFOND – drums


1993: Burning Heads (Semetery Records)
1994: Dive (Play It Again Sam)
1996: Super Modern World (Play It Again Sam)
1997: The Weightless Hits (Play It Again Sam)
1998: Be One with the Flames (Epitaph Records)
1998: Wise Guy EP (Pinnacle Records)
1999: Escape (Victory Records)
2002: Opposite (Sony Records, heute Sony Music Entertainment)
2003: Taranto (Sony Records)
2004: BHASS/Never Trust a Punk (Sony Records with Alif Sound System)
2006: Bad Time for Human Kind (Opposite Prod)
2006: Incredible Rock Machine (Opposite Prod)
2007: Opposite 2 (Opposite Prod)
2009: Split 12" with The Adolescents (Opposite Prod / Slow Death / Wee Wee)
2009: Spread The Fire (Opposite Prod)
2011: Hear This (Opposite Prod)
2014: Choose your trap (Opposite Prod, KTC, Euthanasie)
2017: Escape Alive! (Opposite Prod, PPandM)
2017: KXLU Live 1999 (Nineteen Something)
2020: Under Their Influence (kein Label)
2022: Torches of freedom (Rookie Records)


Rookie Records