The Ramonas (UK) are doing it again

RamonasThe Ramonas are the UK’s original all girl tribute to the Ramones, one of the most influential punk rock bands in history.
The band were formed in honour of the Ramones back in 2004. The Ramonas capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days with their intense on stage energy levels whilst looking much better than Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee or Tommy ever did.
In October 2015 the band went out on a European tour playing the first 2 Ramones albums back to back plus other live favourites!! In October 2016 the girls will be performing “Road to ruin” and “Rocket to Russia” in its full length.

27/10/2016 D-Mannheim, Kurzbar
28/10/2016 D-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
29/10/2016 D-Berlin, Cortina Bob
30/10/2016 D-Chemnitz, Zukunft
31/10/2016 D-Munich, Import Export
01/11/2016 A-Graz, Explosiv
02/11/2016 A-Vienna, Chelsea
03/11/2016 D-Nürnberg, K4 (w/ The Fleshtones)
04/11/2016 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
05/11/2016 D-Köln, Museum