Happy holidays 2023!

It is hard to believe, another year has almost passed. 2023 is history in just a few days. We all got, again, a little older, maybe a little lazier, a bit more reflective, perhaps, a bit wiser even, but one thing is for sure, we still know how to rocknroll. And we would like to thank all of you for the support and love in the name of live music, thank you to all the bands, the promoters, the peeps who went to see the shows! You are all awesome! Thanks to everybody that keeps the spirit of rocknroll alive!
Happy holidays everybody and a happy brand new year!

And the new year starts with a tour of the fantastic post punk band NOT SCIENTISTS from France, founded by guitarists Ed and Jim 10 years ago, freshly orphaned from French melodic-punk titans Uncommonmenfrommars. Staring At the Sun is their latest album. It is an ode to New Wave melodies – a tribute to The Cure and Killing Joke – and is the flagship of a band that is driving hard into uncharted seas. These guys know how to write good songs – that’s a fact. Above all, they know how to give them a soul by balancing the power of their sound with the immediacy of refined lyrics. Clear and powerful imagery addresses themes of failure, loneliness, isolation, and mental illness. It is the too-familiar experience of a day-to-day that grinds on to the point of giving up but for the tiny pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you clawing forward.
Backed by Kicking Records, Kidnap Records and Rookie Records, Not Scientists have left the beaten path and are careening headlong into the creative underbrush, blazing a new path and leaving shredded convention in their wake.


04/01/2024 D-Aachen, Wild Rover
05/01/2024 D-Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm
06/01/2024 D-Münster, Heile Welt
07/01/2024 D-Hannover, Stumpf
08/01/2024 D-Bamberg, Liveclub
09/01/2024 A-Wien, Chelsea
10/01/2024 D-Dresden, Ostpol
11/01/2024 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
12/01/2024 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
13/01/2024 D-Köln, EDP