Guitar Gangsters (UK) – on tour with a brand new album!

Guitar Gangsters take their inspiration from the likes of The Clash, The Boys, Generation X, and The Jam from the first UK wave of punk. They combine it with the power and attitude found in stateside bands like My Chemical Romance and Social Distortion – the result? The band you always wanted to be in!

At a Gangsters show you will not get a working class political rant – what you will get are slices of urban life; short stories of bad attitude, bad sex, ambition, success and failure packed into two and half minute power punk gems. Guitar Gangsters are not going to change your world (let’s leave that to political bands) but get to see them live and you’ll leave feeling you can change it yourself!

Guitar Gangsters today; still the same power, melody and attitude that was born in 1987.
In October 2017 the band releases their new album called “Sex and money” on Wanda Records, which was produced by Ramones producer Daniel Rey.

19/10/2017 D-Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm
20/10/2017 D-Hameln, Mad Music Club
21/10/2017 S-Malmö, Folk a Rock
22/10/2017 D-Berlin, Cassiopeia (w/ The Supersuckers)
23/10/2017 PL-Torun, Pub Pamela
24/10/2017 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
25/10/2017 CZ-Prag, Cross Club
26/10/2017 CZ-Kladno, Auto Da Fe
27/10/2017 CZ-Brno, Mersey
28/10/2017 D-München, Rumours (w/ Duncan Reed)
29/10/2017 D-Ludwigsburg, RocknRoll Bar
30/10/2017 D-Frankfurt, Yachtklub (w/ Soraia)
31/10/2017 D-Auggen, Raumstation Sternen (w/ Soraia)
02/11/2017 D-Hamburg, MS Stubnitz (w/ Soraia)
03/11/2017 D-Cottbus, Gladhouse (w/ Soraia + Strg Z)
04/11/2017 D-Bückeburg, Schraubbar
07/11/2017 GB-London, Underworld