FUZZY VOX – rocking around Europe

fuzzy-voxFuzzy Vox are a hook-heavy trio who’d easily pass for The Hives’ s younger French cousins. While there’s no doubt about the influence of garage-rock greats, their songs are full of the swinging beat of boogie-woogie and the boom of rockabilly bass. There’s street-punk gang vocals too, and even a few moody, heavy-rock numbers. The band is pushing a kind of power pop that’s heartfelt, but endearingly immature.
-No Landing Plan-, the latest Fuzzy Vox record, now out on Kidnap Records, is the american cruising life revisited, a teen baby-boomer way on a friday night on a low rider trip. Kids travelling from flipper to milk shake with the only hope to get laid and have a cool tune poping up on the radio. Garage Rock and Roll ahead of the time before punk and power pop. Blue-Eyed Soul when the radios were still segregationists.
The Fuzzy Vox as nobody would expect from a french power trio get their roots from the deep magic noise exactly where the youth, the fashion, the manners seem timeless and never change with no ending.
And now its time to send the band out to your favourite venue to get YOU going! Don’t miss these lovely boys at a town near you!

presented by OX Fanzine & Livegigs.de
16/11/2018 D-Marsberg, Diemelkult
17/11/2018 D-Neustadt/Holstein, Punkrock Meuterei
18/11/2018 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
20/11/2018 D-Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
21/11/2018 D-Braunschweig, Nexus
22/11/2018 D-Osnabrück, Dirty + Dancing (w/ The Movement)
23/11/2018 D-Husum, Speicher (w/ The Movement)