Baretta Love are finally back and in 2018 they will tour all over Germany and Europe. Their debut album “Minimal Play” received very good reviews in media and press. “The production is awesome, sounds like the Clash, stunning!” 8/10 OX Fanzine. “Death Or Glory is the slogan, an experiment a lot bands tried but Baretta Love finally nailed it” 9/10 Moloko Plus.
Touring after all marked Baretta Love as an excellent live band. Their new selftitled record was recorded full analogue at the classic Kozmic Sound Studio in the nostalgic DDR Funkhaus by Mischkah Wilke. (GURR, Pascal Briggs).The Band has a strong unit with great songwriting and the right sense for melodies. What emerge to be a great treat on the record just waits to be dipped in sweat and spit to be presented live. Baretta Love stands for authenticity and an explosive mix of Punk, Indie and Rock.

presented by:, AWAY FROM LIFE, Schoisaal Dresden, Underdog Fanzine, Crazy United
21/03/2018 D-Hannover, Faust (w/ The Baboon Show)
22/03/2018 D-Berlin, SO36 (w/ The Baboon Show)
23/03/2018 D-Leipzig, Black Label
24/03/2018 D-Leipzig, Conne Island (w/ The Baboon Show)
25/03/2018 D-Dresden, Beatpol (w/ The Baboon Show)
26/03/2018 CH-Zürich, Kon-Tiki Bar
27/03/2018 CH-Wil, S20
28/03/2018 D-Stuttgart, Keller Klub
29/03/2018 D-Saarbrücken, Tante Anna
30/03/2018 D-Kassel, Kulturzentrum K19
31/03/2018 D-Mönchengladbach, Das Blaue Haus