The Turbo ACs are back in Europe! After the release of their latest album “Radiation” on Concrete Jungle Rec in 2018, which is another milestone in the history of a band that has created its own surf punk sound in over 20 years, Kevin and Co can’t wait to get their hands on it again and an extended summer 2024 tour comes at just the right time.

And this time the band will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 2003 album “Automatic,” which was produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves. To mark this occasion, Concrete Jungle Records is going to release a special remastered edition of this album on April 26, 2024. Lead singer Kevin Cole uses his diary to recount a wild journey through the band’s tumultuous history, which is included in the record’s new extended liner notes. The remastered special edition, available on vinyl and CD and accompanied by raw demos on CD in both formats, offers fans a unique insight into the making of this iconic album.

The Turbo ACs was formed in the shabby alleys of New York City at the beginning of the 1990s. After releasing numerous EPs and sampler contributions on various labels, their debut album “Damnation Overdrive” came out in 1996 on the New York record label Blackout! Records and made big waves, especially in Europe. With the unmistakable voice of frontman Kevin Cole and elements of Dick Dale, Ramones, Misfits and Motörhead, they have been chosen as the favorite band of many rock and roll fans. A really cool band with really cool songs, lyrics and an attitude to fall in love with.


on tour: 4 July – 04 Aug 2024
available all year through, get in touch!


presented by OX Fanzine & & SLAM & Vive Le Rock
22/07/2024 A-Vienna, Chelsea (w/ Cyanide Pills) TICKETS
23/07/2024 SK-Kosice, Collosseum TICKETS
25/07/2024 D-Glaubitz, Back to future Festival TICKETS
26/07/2024 CZ-Bojiště-Trutnov, Pod Parou Fest
27/07/2024 A-Gratkorn, Beer n Punk Rock Festival
28/07/2024 D-Töging, Silo 1 TICKETS
29/07/2024 CZ-Prag, Rockcafe TICKETS
30/07/2024 D-Kassel, Goldgrube
31/07/2024 D-Braunschweig, KUFA
01/08/2024 D-Hamburg, Weltturbojugendtage TICKETS
02/08/2024 NL-Utrecht, db’s
04/08/2024 GB-Blackpool, Rebellion Festival


Kevin Cole: Guitar & Vocals
Eric Bhell: Bass & Vocals
Mikey Millionaire: Guitar & Vocals
Mikey Montreal: Drums


Damnation Overdrive (Blackout! Records; 1996)
Winner Take All (Renate; 1998)
Fuel For Life (Nitro Records; 2001)
Automatic (Gearhead Records; 2002)
Avenue X (Gearhead Records; 2005)
Live To Win (Bitzcore; 2006)
Kill Everyone (Concrete Jungle Records, 2011)
Radiation (Concrete Jungle Records; 2018)
Automatic 20th anniversary remaster (LP; Concrete Jungle Records; 2024)


Concrete Jungle Rec