the-nomadsThe Nomads just celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2021. Founded in 1981 by Hans Östlund, Nick Vahlberg, Joakim Tärnström and Ed Johnson, this swedish band is, by now, one of the most influential Garage rock Bands of all times. They have been inspiring bands such as The Hives, Hellacopters, Gluecifer, and many others.

Not much was known about ‘60’s garage bands in the early 1980s and The Nomads started the garage rock revival in Sweden. The music they liked was American punk like MC5, The Stooges, Roky Erikson, The Cramps, The Ramones, New York Dolls and other early garage rock and punk bands and this inspiration became the foundation for the Nomads’ music.

The band’s first record release came in November 1981 when Hans’s dad put out a 7” single on his own label. In 1982 they signed to Amigo Records who put out their second single and started preparing for their first full-length release. This was ”Where the wolf bane blooms”, which came out in late 1983.

This mini-LP was a massive success among critics in Sweden and spread the word about the Nomads outside of Sweden. Closer Records in France was the first label to sign the Nomads outside of Scandinavia and at the end of 1984, coinciding with the release of the band’s second mini-LP ”Temptation pays double”, the Nomads went on their first European tour.

The Nomads reputation had by this time travelled to the USA and in early 1985 a compilation album of the best songs from the mini-LPs called ”Outburst” came out on the American Homestead label. ”Outburst” became very successful in the US: the influential writer Robert Christgau went as far as to call it ”the best neo-garage album ever made” and it went to # 12 in the US Rock national indie-chart.

From 1987 and onwards the band has continued to release albums and has gradually refined the Nomads sound without ever losing any of the power and energy of the early days.

And so the story goes on… and on… and on.


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Nick Vahlberg – Vocals and guitar
Hans Östlund – Lead and fuzztone guitar
Björne Fröberg – Bass
Joakim Ericson – Drums and percussion





Where the Wolf Bane Blooms – 1983
Temptation Pays Double – 1984
Outburst 1984
Rat Fink a Boo-Boo – 1987
Hardware – 1987
All Wrecked Up – 1989
Sonically Speaking . 1991
Powerstrip – 1994
Showdown! – 1994
Flashback Number Nine – 1995
Made in Japan (Recorded in Sweden) – 1996
Raw & Rare . 1996
The Cold Hard Facts of Life – 1996
Big Sound 2000 – 1999
Up-Tight – 2001
Showdown 2-The 90’s – 2002
Nomadic Dementia – 2006
Solna – 2012
Loaded Deluxe EP – 2013


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