Psychotic Youth arose in the trembling death spasms of the Swedish garage rock scene in 1985 and the guys realized after a few albums that the northern forests are not letting through the light they needed. So the nose was directed towards Gothenburg and the wild underground clubs, but especially Radium Records that in 1989 released the album “Some Fun” that would become iconic in its genre of hard fast guitar-pop with voices that would make the Beach Boys jealous. And with another album, “Be In The Sun”, “Juice”, “Pop” and “Stereoids” these gentlemen left their mark on many other bands worldwide.

After 36 years Psychotic Youth puts out release after release and isnt getting anywhere near of retirement.
They were a forerunner in the nineties when it comes to hard and loud guitar driven pop with 60s influences, and being the raw model for so many bands that has made it big today. Between 1989 and 1999 they were always on tour in Europe and Scandinavia, leaving big smiles along the way.

After 6 year demise the band got back together again in 2015 by the request of the King of Power Pop himself – Mr Paul Collins, followed by tours in Japan, Germany and Spain.
While many bands only whined in the absence of gigs during the pandemic, these gentlemen released no less than 6 albums and 2 Eps, of which the latter “New Wonders” is currently on the German label Wolverine Records – a collection of the best in the years 1996- 2021 and with a bonus consisting of 4 ABBA covers!
In 2022 it is time to give the German crowd a sugar rush once more with sweet melodies, choirs that would make Brian Wilson jealous!
Stay tuned!


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Jörgen Red Westman – lead vocals/guitar
Ulf Abrahamsson – guitar/backing vocals
Anders Nordstrand – bass/backing vocals
Kent Sjöholm – drums/backing vocals




2022 – Surf split (split 7", 5 track vinyl EP with Kahuna Surfers, Red West Production, Europe release)
2022 – Punk split (split 7", 4 track vinyl EP with City Saints, Red West Production, Europe release)Power Pop To Die For (2016/Waterslide Records)
Bamboozle anniversary + bonus live (2005/Wolverine Records)
2021 – Scandinavian Flavor (new split 12" vinyl album/CD with Tommy & the Rockets, Snap Records release)
2021 – ABBA (new 7", 4 track vinyl w/t download ticket Red West Production, Europe release)
2021 – New Wonders 1996-2021 (new CD compilation released by Wolverine Records in germany and Kool Kat Musik in USA)
2021 – Psychotic Radio (split 7" vinyl EP with Italian band Radio Days, Snap Records, Europe release)
2020 – Stereoids Revisited (remix) (12" vinyl Europe release)
2020 – Retro (limited cassette, Red West production Europe release)
2020 – Bamboozle (reprint 12" + bonus track vinyl Red West production, Europe release)
2020 – Forever And Never (new album Europe vinyl Red West production/Japan CD Waterslide Records release)
2019 – 21 (Europe vinyl Red West Production/Japan CD Waterslide Records release)
2019 – Straight From the Garage (12" vinyl French release, Dangerhouse/Skylab, Europe release)
2017 – The Voice of Summer (Europe vinnyl/Japan CD release, Screaming Apple Records, cassette release Red West production)
Alive Under the Midnight Sun (2005/Target Earth Records)
Stereoids and 8 Others (2005/Target Earth Records)
Juicy Pop (2000/MNW Zone)
Juicy Juice! (2000/MNW Zone)
Stereoids + bonus tracks (2000/Bomp Records)
Stereoids (1997/Wolverine Records)
Splitsville (1996/Wolverine Records)
Anything For a Thrill/Faster Faster (1996/MNW Records)
Juice & Pop (1996/MNW Records)
Small Wonders 1985-1995 (1996/MNW Records)
Bamboozle (1994/Blast Records)
Pop (1994/Non Stop Records)
Juice (1993/Non Stop Records)
Be In the Sun (1992/MNW Records)
Some Fun (1989/Radium 225.05 Records)
Anything For a Thrill (1987/Garageland Records)
Faster Faster (1986/Rainbow Music)


Waterslide/Screaming Apple/ Wolverine Rec