“If Jon Spencer took roots rock ’n’ roll and deconstructed it, then Nishinomiya’s King Brothers threw it against a wall and left it there bleeding.” Metropolis Magazine enthuses. Nishinomiya City, Japan, three-piece combining the sound of the Germs backing Howlin’ Wolf. I-94 Bar Magazin calls “turning the blues inside-out.”

The band is Keizo Matsuo on guitar, harp and vocals, Masafumi “Marya” Koyama on guitar and Zony on drums. The band came together in 1997 and has proved one of Japan’s most durable rock outfits, backing the likes of Jon Spencer, the White Stripes and Strokes in their tours of the country. The NYC connection goes further as it was Jon Spencer who produced earlier albums and Matt Verta-Ray who recorded those same albums.
Their self-titled debut album hit the streets in 1998. The band made its major label debut in Japan on Toshiba EMI in 2001 before they sign to “In The Red” the same year. This two guitar and drums trio cramps toxic punk rock, barbed-wire blues and wrestled with fuzzed-out noise.
The groove has never been stronger.

It’s no surprise that the King Brothers live shows get attention. Taking to the stage dressed in what have become their trade mark black and white suits, the three piece who hails from Nishinomiya City, Japan appear amaze audiences with their insanely energetic stage act. Within a matter of seconds all hell breaks loose as they burst into life; a cacophony of guitars, vocals and drums smashing into the fans at full tilt. The King Brothers are known as the most dangerous act in Japan, having had themselves banned from nearly every club in Osaka for destroying property.

“WASTELAND”, the new “20th ANNIVERSARY” album by King Brothers is slated for a September 28 2018 release date on HOUND GAWD! Records. “Wasteland” was produced by the band itself at Nishinomiya City Studio and mastered by Soichiro Nakamura at Peace Music Studio. Nakamura has produced albums for artists like
Moe Tucker, The Residents, The’s, Guitar Wolf. Album artwork was rendered by longtime friend Arisa Momonoi and photos were shot by Kazuki Watanabe and Tomoko Okabe.
The band tours virtually and will perform at several shows in Europe in 2020.

Wasteland bangs like you blow up a bank vault. -Seiji, Guitar Wolf
“Definitely the best band in the world.” -Eric Oblivian, The Oblivians
“See them before they all have heart attacks.” -Firestarter Magazine, Japan
“Few live acts make me drop my beer.… I lost my Schlitz when I raised my hands in glee at the coccyx-crunching, psycho-blues racket produced by these three polite maniacs from Nishinomiya City. ” -Andy Fenwick, Oculus


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Keizo – guitar, vox
Marya –  guitar, back vox
Zony –  drums


1998 King Brothers (Bulp Records)
1999   ★★★★★★★ (LD&K, Yasagure)
2000 King Brothers & Okker T (Deckrec)
2001 King Brothers (In The Red)
2002 6×3 (Toshiba Records)
2003 13 (Toshiba Records)
2007 Blues (In-Fidelity)
2010 The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (Deckrec)
2011 Kill Your Idol (Victor)
2018 Wasteland (Hound Gawd!)


Hound Gawd!