Jeff Dahl is an American musician located in Hawaii.
Dahl recorded his first single, “Rock N Roll Critic”, in 1977 and later played in bands like The Angry Samoans and Powertrip, and played and recorded with guitar legends Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and Rikk Agnew (Adolescents). He was also a member of Vox Pop (along with members of the Germs, 45 Grave and Dream Syndicate) and has recorded with hardcore punk legends Poison Idea.
Dahl has performed on approximately 26 full-length albums (including studio albums, live albums, bootlegs, and best-of collections) and 100 7″ singles, many out of print. He has toured extensively and worked in studio production in the United States, Europe and Japan.
His new album, ELECTRIC JUNK, is straightforward, pumping and deeply rooted in punk and rocknroll. Sam Bradley, Radio Birdman‘s legendary guitar player Deniz Tek and Dave Swaim on keyboards joined the recordings.
ELECTRIC JUNK will be released on vinyl on the spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings and on cd by Iwannabeahoople Records.
Jeff Dahl was last seen in Europe in 2005.




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Jeff Dahl – vocals, guitar
Zepp Oberpichler – guitar
Alex Schwers – drums
Fratz Thum – bass




Jeff Dahl Releases (selection)
Rock and Roll Critic 1977
Scratch up some Action 1982
Suicide City 1987
I Kill Me 1990
Ultra Under 1991
Wicked 1991
Moonchild 1993
Leather Frankenstein 1994
Bliss 1995
Heart Full Of Snot 1997
Pancake 31 2000
Street Fighting Reptile 2002
Back to Monkey City 2008
Made in Hawaii 2017
Electric Junk 2019


Ghost Highway Recordings, Iwannabeahoople Records