Graupause (D)

Not a trace of resignation, but full throttle ahead: the german punk band GRAUPAUSE used the corona pandemic to take a really big step. At first, the quintet was hired by the renowned German punk label AGGRESSIVE PUNK PRODUKTIONEN in spring 2021. Then the musicians recorded their second album from the end of October to the end of December 2021 with producer Michael Czernicki (Rock Or Die Studios), on which Gunnar (DRITTE WAHL) and Carsten (POPPERKLOPPER), two veterans of the German punk scene, joined as guest singers. The new long player bears the cynical title “Alles wird super” and will be released on September 16, 2022. In April, June and August 2022, the band and label will each release a single including a music video as a foretaste of the album. So much in advance: GRAUPAUSE continues to focus on melodic and varied punk rock, but has increased pressure and tempo compared to the first disc. The texts remain political and socially critical: clear edge without slogans, but also combative and looking ahead. The Slam Magazin voted the long player the top album of issue #123. “A wild hybrid being from TOXOPLASMA and FAHNENFLUCHT torches a punk firework from the first to the last second, which is unparalleled in terms of pressure and tempo and comes along, the entire songwriting just gets to the point perfectly,” says the detailed review. The online zine Crazy United summarizes the twelve songs as “uncompromising German punk that always goes straight forward”. And the Ox fanzine draws comparisons to bands like ALARMSIGNAL, ZSK and GRAUE ZELLEN. Now the five punk rockers are stepping on the accelerator live again. In September and October 2022 the band will play the first part of their tour for the new album. The planning for 2023 is already in full swing – and with professional support again: The renowned and internationally active agency BILLIG PEOPLE BOOKING is now booking the shows for GRAUPAUSE. The band was founded in December 2017 by five friends in Lüdenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia). Exactly two years and a few concerts later, the combo released their first long player, “Verdammte Stille”. The twelve -song album also received good to very good reviews across the board.


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06/09/2024 D-Düsseldorf, This is Flingern, not L.A."-Open-Air
07/09/2024 D-Erfurt, AJZ
21/09/2024 D-Münster, Rare Guitar
18/10/2024 D-Fürth, Kopf und Kragen
19/10/2024 D-Brand-Erbisdorf, IMI


Jan – Drums
Patrick – Bass
Tom – Guitar
Jens – Guitar
Sven – vox


2018 – Demo
2019 – Verdammte Stille
2020 – S.O.S (Corona Version)
2022 – Gestern wird Super


Aggressive Punk Produktionen