DxBxSx (D)

DxBxSx – one myth known by several names. No matter if they’re touring as Die Berliner Strolche, Drive-by Shooting or Drei Bier später, every song is on target and in this fashion the trio from Berlin has been giving high-octane performances for the last twenty years. By now a little bit tired of their music being labelled as stoner rock in the tradition of bands such as Rotor, the guys from Berlin are now cultivating trashy punk excesses in the style of MC5 and Ton Steine Scherben. Avoiding any clichés, their live performances include highlights from both the past and the present. Because just like older LPs such as “Zugriff” and “Ihr! Alle! Immer!” their latest release “Das Medium” is an equal masterpiece, with lead singer Tom Haarbrücker intoning their calls to arms in the best tradition of “ugly guys from Berlin fuck the system” punk.


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01/09/2023 D-Erfurt, Bandhaus
02/09/2023 D-Freiburg, Slowclub
29/09/2023 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
30/09/2023 D-Oberhausen, Druckluft
01/10/2023 D-Göttingen, Vinly Reservat
02/10/2023 D-Schwerin, Komplex
13/10/2023 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik (w/ Razzia)
14/10/2023 D-Finsterwalde, L86
10/11/2023 D-Kiel, Schaubude
11/11/2023 D-Hamburg, Stellwerk
07/12/2023 D-Halle, Alte Schule – Home of Subculture
08/12/2023 D-Hanau, AKZ
09/12/2023 D-Augsburg, Haifischbar


Angel – guitar, vox
Timo – bass
Stevie – drums


2011 – Zugriff (LP)
2013 – Ihr! Alle! Immer! (LP)
2017 – Wer Wll Denn Das (LP)
2019 – Die Platte (LP)
2020 – LE Heat (Tape)


Barkraufarfita Records / Elektrohasch Schallplatten