Wick Bambix emerged from the punk scene, making waves as the fierce lead vocalist, guitarist and founder of the internationally acclaimed punk band Bambix. Having toured all over the world, including a USA tour and 5 Brasil tours, she shared stages with e.g. Pennywise, Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Misfits, Sepultura and toured with ao Bad Religion, GBH, Toy Dolls, Terrorgruppe. She sang ‘Schmutzigrot’ on Pascow’s album Jade. Wick’s passion for music ignited her journey from rebellious punk rocker to a solo artist with a message.
Feeling the urge to put creativity into a new direction, on she went, armed with a guitar and a voice that echoes with passion and conviction.
In 2023, Wick released her first debut EP, “The Pariah’s Promise,” which got acclaim for its raw honesty and social commentary. Songs rooted in country, folk and punk – with a fist in the air.
From intimate acoustic sets in underground venues to playing festivals like Fusion, Sojus and Back to Future Wick’s solo career has captivated audiences with her stage presence and commitment to her message. Her songs combine a punk attitude and heartfelt sincerity.
Now, Wick is in the studio again to record her first full length album ‘When Things Grow Teeth’ which will come out in September 2024 on Rookie Records. Putting her heart and soul into songs that contain razor-sharp lyrics and infectious melodies, urging listeners to rise up and fight for a better world.
With every chord she strikes and every lyric she sings, Wick Bambix, together with alleskönner Patrick, is on a mission to make the world a better place—one punk anthem at a time.


requests and offers for a Wick Bambix solo one woman show are welcome all through the year. Get in touch!


presented by Ox-Fanzine & livegigs.de
22/06/2024 D-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
12/07/2024 D-Essen, Dont Panic
06/09/2024 D-St Wendel, JJs Pub
07/09/2024 D-Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
05/10/2024 D-Menden, Punkrock Schützenfest
18/10/2024 D-Berlin, Female fronted is not a genre @ SO36
19/10/2024 D-Lübeck, Punk im Treibsand TICKETS
15/11/2024 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom


Wick Bambix (vocals, guitar)


“The Pariah’s Promise" – 2023 (Rookie Records)


Rookie Records/ Cargo