After 30 years making a big noise as a three piece, Guitar Gangsters just got a whole lot bigger, louder, punchier and generally more magnificent. The terrific trio are now the awesome foursome with Ed on guitar! Guitar Gangsters still take their inspiration from the likes of The Clash, The Boys, Generation X, and The Jam from the first UK wave of punk. They combine it with the power and attitude found in stateside bands like My Chemical Romance and Social Distortion – the result? The band you always wanted to be in!
At a Gangsters show you will get slices of urban life; short stories of bad attitude, bad sex, ambition, success and failure packed into two and half minute power punk gems. Guitar Gangsters are not going to change your world but get to see them live and you’ll leave feeling you can change it yourself!
Guitar Gangsters today; still the same power, melody and attitude that was born in 1987.
In October 2017 the band released their new album called “Sex and money” which was produced by Ramones producer Daniel Rey. Wanda Rec releases another new single in April.

04/04/2019 D-Köln, Museum
05/04/2019 D-Essen, Freakshow
06/04/2019 D-Leonberg, Inked Table Battlefield
07/04/2019 CH-Bern, Rössli
09/04/2019 I-Torino, Blah Blah
10/04/2019 I-Savigliano, Circolo Mezcal
11/04/2019 I-Milano, Ligera
12/04/2019 D-München, Unter Deck
13/04/2019 D-Fürth, Kopf und Kragen
14/04/2019 CZ-Prague, Club Famu
15/04/2019 CZ-Brno, Mersey Club
16/04/2019 PL-Warschau, Poglos
17/04/2019 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
18/04/2019 SWE-Malmö, Folk a Rock
19/04/2019 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
20/04/2019 D-Hannover, Strangriede Stage


RAZZIA on the road!

After the reunion in 2011 the band RAZZIA from Hamburg presents their new album „Am Rande von Berlin“, now again with Rajas Thiele as frontman. It will be published in March 2019 under the MAJOR-Label as CD and LP with three sides, filled with 14 brand-new songs.
It remains a secret of the band, how to add new titles to the live program and the audience not to realise it. It seems like the new songs would have already been there all time before. They have their place, they belong there, although RAZZIA have already set two milestones in German music history across the genres – their first album „Tag ohne Schatten“ (1983, Punk) and the second one „Ausflug mit Franziska“ (1986, Post-Punk). In total, the group released 12 albums.
For „Am Rande von Berlin“ RAZZIA exploit all their experience und make use of every musical, textual and technical opportunity available nowadays. More is not possible – „Top of the art“.

presented by: Major, Away from Life, Ox-Fanzine, AggroPunk
22/03/2019 D-Berlin,SO36 (w/ Fliehende Stürme)
23/03/2019 D-Peine, UJZ
05/04/2019 D-Kassel, Goldgrube
17/05/2019 D-Stuttgart, Goldmark’s
18/05/2019 D-Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer
14/06/2019 D-Hamburg, Knust (w/ Kotzreiz, Die Kellerratten)
03/08/2019 D-Kremmen, Resist to Exist Festival


POINTED STICKS – Canadian powerpop kings for the first time in Europe!

Pointed Sticks, from Vancouver, Canada are an instant hit with pop music punks and fashion fans everywhere. After sold out performances in Japan, Canada and the USA, the group of all original band-members bring their infectious Raw Power Pop Tour to Europe.
An event to dress up for! Pointed Sticks 40th Anniversary Show will feature early hits like Out Of Luck, Real Thing, What Do You Want Me To Do, Lies, Somebody’s Mom, Marching Song, Part Of The Noise and many many more! Pointed Sticks since 1978. Always fun. Always will be fun!
Recent releases include Three Lefts Make A Right (2009) and Pointed Sticks (2015).

15/03/2019 E-Burgos, Asociacion Musical
16/03/2019 E-Madrid, Funhouse
18/03/2019 E-Caceres, Sala Boogaloo
19/03/2019 E-Sevilla, Sala X
20/03/2019 E-Granada, Sala Planta Baja
21/03/2019 E-Malaga, Velvet Club
22/03/2019 E-Marbella, La Catarina
23/03/2019 E-Benidorm, Fuzzville
24/03/2019 CH-Bern, Rössli
26/03/2019 D-München, Unter Deck
27/03/2019 D-Berlin, Cassiopeia
28/03/2019 SWE-Malmö, Folk a Rock
29/03/2019 D-Hamburg, Molotow
30/03/2019 D-Essen, Freakshow


THE DEAD PRESIDENT (RUS) – on tour end of February 2019!

The Dead President – Moscow Ska Core band was born in 2009. They already have 6 LPs out of which their latest one “More, than music” got released by the English music label „Horn & Hoof records“ in 2017. The Dead President played many concerts in Russia with punk, Ska and Oi-bands such as Stage Bottless, Pestpocken, Total Chaos, Talco, The Locos and Acidez. They sing about fights with nazis and racism, about brotherhood and sisterhood, about anarchism and against the war and capitalism. Their concerts are always full of energy and madness.The band is gaining momentum every year like a locomotive demolishing everything in its path. The group consistently performs in Europe and leaves behind full halls of skins, punks and hardcore players. In March 2019 they plan to go to their 6th European tour.

presented by Thirteen Gigs&Event, punkrockers-radio.de, AWAY FROM LIFE
27/02/2019 BLR-Brest, TBA
28/02/2019 PL-Warsaw, Przychodnia Sklot
01/03/2019 D-Potsdam, Archiv
02/03/2019 D-Rostock, JAZ
03/03/2019 D-Halle, GIG
04/03/2019 D-Berlin, Schokoladen
05/03/2019 D-Kassel, Goldgrube
06/03/2019 D-Dresden, Ostpol
07/03/2019 D-Chemnitz, Zukunft
08/03/2019 D-Plauen, Projekt Schuldenberg
09/03/2019 A-Vienna, Venster99
10/03/2019 CZ-Prague, Klub 007
11/03/2019 SVK-Bratislava, Fuga
12/03/2019 SVK-Nitra, Mariatchi
13/03/2019 HU-Budapest, Végállomás söröző pub
14/03/2019 SRB-Starcevo, Cultural Club
15/03/2019 HR-Zagreb, Mochvara
16/03/2019 SL-Ljubljana, Klub Gromka-Akc Metelkova
26/04/2019 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
27/04/2019 D-Hameln, Mad Music Club
28/04/2019 D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt


Van Dammes (Fin) – on tour with a brand new EP!

Van Dammes are a Finnish four-piece garage punk band from Helsinki formed in 2013. Their sound has been described as true-to-the-core punk rock, good spirited and very contagious garage punk assault, CBGB-style throwback punk, and fun as fuck. “Risky Business”, their fourth EP, just got released on Rockstar Rec. And they are gonna be on tour across the countries in January. Dont miss them!

25/01/2019 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
26/01/2019 B-Brussels, Chaff
27/01/2019 D-Tübingen, Münzgasse
28/01/2019 CH-Zürich, Dynamo
29/01/2019 D-Saarbrücken, Tante Anna
30/01/2019 D-Cologne, Sonic Ballroom
31/01/2019 CZ-Kladno, Auto da Fe
01/02/2019 SK-Nitra, Mariatchi
02/02/2019 D-Berlin, Schokoladen