Over 29 years ago (Sept.-Oct. 1989) in Pomona Valley, CA was the birth of Total Chaos. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock- during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial new style.
To them it was not only music- but a forum- to convey important political and social views. Total Chaos along with many others started organizations such as- UVP (United Valley Punks), OCP (Orange County Peace Punks) and AGC (Alternative Gathering Collective)- holding social events like – Food Not Bombs – giving support to the Big Mountain Indian Reservation and helping to open the Los Angeles Anarchist Center.
The idea of social responsibility was a significant thing- from organizing peace punk picnics- to protesting against the Gulf War- their music had meaning and stood for something.
In 1991 Total Chaos recorded their first demo. In the summer of 1995 the band does their first European tour- which was bigger than anyone expected- with sold out gigs all across Europe- ending up at the legendary Chaos Days in Hanover, Germany.
The rest is history.
Today TOTAL CHAOS has seen many things come and go – but they have stuck to these ideals all this time. Whether you are pop punk, street punk, hardcore, straight edge, political punk, goth punk, skate punk, crust punk, metal punk, straight punk rock (and so on), TOTAL CHAOS unites you all into one scene PUNK-ROCK!
Their last two albums, „World Of insanity“, 2016, and „Street punx“, EP 2017, are both again released by Total Chaos Frontman Rob’s own label Chaos-SOS records.
In 2019 the band will be back touring and celebrating their 30th anniversary!! Come join the party!


on tour: 27 June – 31 August 2019

available all through the year


27/06/2019 NL-Ysselsteyn, Jera on air
28/06/2019 D-Quedlinburg, KUZ Reichenstrasse
29/06/2019 CZ-Brněnec, Brněnecfestival
01/07/2019 D-Nürnberg, Z-Bau
04/07/2019 D-Zwickau, Störfaktor Festival
05/07/2019 I-Gambulaga, Distruggi la Bassa Festival
06/07/2019 SRB-Novi Sad, Exit Festival
12/07/2019 D-Prölsdorf, Krach am Bach
13/07/2019 CZ-Tabór, Mighty Sounds Festival
20/07/2019 NL-Rotterdam, Tales From The Punx Festival
21/07/2019 NL-Groningen, Lola
26/07/2019 D-Spremberg, Punk oi Rama
27/07/2019 UKR-Kiew, tba
03/08/2019 GB-Blackpool,Rebellion Festival
06/08/2019 D-Berlin, SO36
17/08/2019 CZ-Volyně, Summer Punk Party
18/08/2019 D-Potsdam, Archiv
20/08/2019 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
23/08/2019 D-Weinheim, Cafe Central
27/08/2019 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
29/08/2019 D-Niedergörsdorf, Spirit Festival
30/08/2019 SK-Trenčín, Punkaci detom Festival
31/08/2019 CZ-Teplice, Knak Club






Nightmares EP 1992 “Chaos Records”
We are the future LP 1993 “Chaos Records”
Pledge of Defiance 1994 “Epitaph Records”
Patriotic Shock 1995 “Epitaph Records”
Anthem from the Alleyway 1996 “Epitaph Records”
Punk Invasion 2001 “SOS Records/Dream Catcher”
Freedom Kills 2004 “SOS Records/people like you”
17 years of Chaos 2006 “SOS Records/people like you”
Avoid all sides 2008 “punkcore/People like you”
Battered and Smashed 2011 “Stomp/Voltage Records/concrete Jungle”
World Of insanity 2016 “Chaos-SOS records”
Street punx EP 2017 “Chaos-SOS records”


Chaos-SOS records