Statues on fire is one of the bands that blow your mind away in a minute once you heard them. This melodic punk band from São Paulo, Brazil was formed in 2012 by Andre Alves, head of the Nitrominds from Sao Paolo, that toured for almost 18 years around the world constantly. Nitromind quit in 2012 and Andre and lalo who also played in Nitrominds started a new band called Statues on fire – a mixure of melodic punk rock, a touch of hardcore and a small piece of metal with great guitar riffs and simply good melodies. Propagandhi meets Dag Nasty and Suicidal Tendencies.
In 2014 they released their first record called -Phoenix- on Vinyl in Germany via Rookie Records and on CD in Brazil on 3 different labels ( RedStar, Bombardeio and Thirteen Records).
Since that time Statues on fire keep touring in Europe every year. And 2019 they will be back on the road to kick asses. And they will release their 3rd album “Living in darkness” (Rookie Records/ Cargo) in May 2019.


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Andre Alves -Guitar -Vocal
Lalo – Baixo/bass
Alex – Bateria/Drums
Regis Ferri – Guitar


“Phoenix" – LP/CD; Rookie Rec 2014
“No Tomorrow" – LP/CD; Rookie Rec 2016
“Living in darkness" – LP/CD; Rookie Rec 2019


Rookie Rec/ Cargo