SHAM 69 (UK)

Sham 69Now in 2020 the band find themselves doing another Tour. The band released their last album IT’LL END IN TEARS in 2015 along with their new film THIS BAND IS SO GORGEOUS about the bands successful tour of China, which has been premiered around the world at various film festivals and continues to do so.
The band which was formed in 1975, with hits such as BORSTAL BREAKOUT and HEY LITTLE RICH BOY being performed in 76-77, the band went on to have others such as HURRY UP HARRY, ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES and the anthem IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED.

The band had many line up changes but the most notable was Jimmy Pursey’s departure following his sacking in 2006, in which he was immediately replaced by the now vocalist Tim V.
Tim V’s reign saw him take the band from its lowest point to get it touring worldwide with 3 successful selling albums along with World Tours and major festivals…and he has clocked up more shows than any other previous line up.
The band currently features along with Tim V, the bands longest serving drummer at 30 years behind the kit for SHAM 69.. Ian Whitewood.
On Lead Guitar we have Al Campbell who joined the band in 2009, he has a pristine pedigree in Punk after serving 13 years with UK SUBS and playing with both Marky Ramone and Jayne County and the Electric Chairs. On the Bass guitar we have John Woodward who was a feature on Bass in the Mod band Long Tall Shorty as well as the known Oi band The Gonads.

With over 12 line up changes since Punk pundits worldwide have sited this change to be the best yet with the sincerest force since the days of 77 Punk.

Now with such anthem like songs as SING WHEN YOUR WINNING making the charts both here in the UK and Europe and other songs in the last 4 years such as LAST GANG IN LONDON being used in movies the band have achieved so much against the tide. The band who are praised for kicking arse onstage and at a ripe age are dumbfounding audiences world wide with their passion and total stage presence.

So this is SHAM 69 now and though many have scoffed at their existence they have come to regret it having been overwhelmed by the power of the performance.


on tour: 01 – 18 Dec 2021
all year available, requests welcome


02/12/2021 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
04/12/2021 D-Eberswalde, Exil
08/12/2021 A-Vienna, Chelsea
11/12/2021 D-Kempten, mysky lounge
12/12/2021 D-Ulm, Beteigeuze
14/12/2021 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
15/12/2021 D-Berlin, Nuke Club
16/12/2021 D-Dortmund, Junkyard


Tim V (vocals)
Ian Whitewood (drums)
John Woodward (bass)
Al Campbell (lead guitar)


1978: Tell Us the Truth
1978: That’s Life
1979: The Adventures of Hersham Boys
1980: The Game
1988: Volunteer
1991: Information Libre
1993: Kings & Queens
1993: BBC1 – Live in Concert
1995: Soapy Water & Mr. Marmalade
1997: A Files CD
2001: Direct Action: Day 21
2007: Western Culture
2010: Who Killed Joe Public
2013: Their finest hour
2015: I’ll end in tears