Maleducazione Alcolica was born in 2010 by singer Marco, who started with “Manicomio Latino & Il Maestro Sandokan”. An unexpected feedback hit the young guys and they started to do their duties mixing ska, rocksteady, early reggae and ska-punk to get a huge wall of sound, helped by a big woodwinds session and a perfect rhythm session. They became a good name in the scene since they played with the biggest name in it like Punkreas, 99 Posse, Banda Bassotti, Statuto, No Relax, Talco, Red Ska, Boomdabash, Radici Nel Cemento, etc.
In 2013 they wrote, recorded and released their first full length called “Peccati & Sogni” with the help of Tuscia Clan and IndieBox Musica 360°, featuring big artists as Enrico Capuano, Sandman, Rude Hi-Fi Barriobeat and Sandrino Travarelli proving a big success in their country. 13 tracks for a very important theme: marginalization. The album has an impressive response from the followers of the genres, so they started to tour like they never did before until 2015 when they released “Je Suis Un Homme”, a brand new single and a video.
After two years and lots of performances the line up of the band changed and they started to think about a brand new album. “Vele Nere” was out in October 2017, under the same label, Maninalto! Records. This album tells stories about a crew history, a way of life and some memories of the past. As usual, the guys invited some guest artist, Daniele and Alessandro from “Muro del Canto”, Dema and Jesus from “Talco” but also old friends and very good musicians, Sandokan and Sandrino.
With many new songs and a brand new live show, Maleducazione Alcolica is ready to start an amazing season. This is the history but the question is: are you ready to dance with them?


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06/06/2020 D-Potsdam, FreiLand-ULTRASH FESTIVAL cancelled
04/07/2020 D-Sandförstgen, Rock´n Wagon
09/10/2020 D-Augsburg, Ballonfabrik cancelled
29/10/2020 D-Braunschweig, Nexus cancelled
30/10/2020 D-Berlin, KVU
03/11/2020 D-Bonn, Alte VHS
04/11/2020 D-Plauen, Projekt Schuldenberg
07/11/2020 D-Lübeck, Treibsand
05/03/2021 Augsburg, Ballonfabrik
06/03/2021 D-Fürth, Kopf oder Kragen


Marco Piccioni – Vox
Riccardo Schiavoni – Vox, guitar
Emidio “Midio" Mazzilli – Bass
Gabriele Biagi – Guitar
Alberto “Betto" Monsignori – Drums
Alessandro “Nando" Sagretti – Sax
Matteo “Rubinio" Mecocci – Trumpet
Francesco Tomei – sound engineer


2013 – LP “Peccati & Sogni” (Tuscia Clan, Indiebox Musica 360)
2014 – LP “Resto Fuori“ (Maninalto Records, Tuscia Clan , HellNation Music store)
2017 – LP “Vele Nere” (Maninalto!Records)


Maninalto! Records