This is Punk Rock from Berlin… it started in late fall 2014. Since then Berlin Blackouts released two albums, which are, by now, mostly sold out. They also released a split-7” with “Gang Zero” on a Swiss Label, made a few video clips and played more than 100 shows all over Europe.
Berlin Blackout’s entire being is dedicated to Punk Rock. Mid-tempo songs with a pissy mood about the state the whole world’s in. Melodies against slavery, harmonies against Gleichschaltung. Their “Use your brain – it’s not forbidden yet” – attitude runs like a clear thread through everything they do. If you like it rough and real and can’t get enough of stuff like Sex Pistols, Ramones and The Clash, you’re damn right with these guys.


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presented by:, Away from Life, Coretex
25/10/2019 D-Saalfeld, Klubhaus
02/11/2019 D-Dresden, Jugendhaus Roter Baum


Ben – Drums
Katja – Bass
Bev – Vocals/Guitar


2015 – “Bonehouse Rendezvous"
2016 – Split-EP Release with “GANG ZERO"
2017 – Kissed By The Gutter“ (Cortex)


Wanda Rec./ Coretex / T.O.D. / Guitar Mafi Music / Flux Noise Rec.