Since 2012, the electro-punk trio 100blumen is being out to mash their way into the minds and hearts of the punk crowd with the force of a solid rocket booster! 100blumen are probably the most punkiest of all German electro-punk bands – though “electro-punk” is only half the truth. 100blumen fuse elements from post- and crustpunk with electro and drum’n’base, combined with a pinch of industrial and noise rock. This melting pot music is hard to compare to other bands, giving them a unique style. They sound as if Crass and The Prodigy got together to snort some speed and then cover Neurosis. The result is a gritty and especially forceful form of punk-carnivore, mercilessly dishing out acoustic and electronic sound attacks, winning over an increasingly large audience with their sweat dripping shows. Summing up: dirty, mean and massive!


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07/12/2019 D-Düsseldorf, The Tube
08/12/2019 D-Düsseldorf, The Tube – Zusatzkonzert
14/02/2020 D-Potsdam, Archiv
15/02/2020 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
28/03/2020 D-Monsheim am Rhein, Sojus 7 Bootstour
08/05/2020 D-Siegen, Veb
11/07/2020 D-Oberhausen, Druckluft-Aufstand Festival
22/08/2020 D-Wermelskirchen, 30 Jahre AJZ Bahndamm


Chris van Blumen – Guitar/Vocals
Malte van Blumen – Drums
Marcel van Blumen – Synth/Vocals


2006 – Flowers and Barricades Mini CD
2007 – In floriculture there is no law Album
2008 – Floral Annihilation Album
2010 – Down with the system, long live the system Album
2011 – Surveillance Album
2012 – Distrust Authority Album
2015 – Under Siege Album
2018 – Keine Namen – Keine Strukturen Album


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