210 (RUS) – on tour!

210 is an Antifascist hardcore band from Moscow, Russia. Formed in 2009 by members of bands like Razor Bois, Old Style Values, Feeding The Fire and Maskit, 210 soon became the voice of the militant Antifascist scene in Russia. The band was named after the infamous Law #210 of a Russian Criminal Code which the authorities usually employ to prosecute Antifascist activists. One of the core principles of the band was to use its music to collect funds in support of jailed Antifascists and the victims of Nazi attacks.
The band developed its own style of aggressive skinhead hardcore with angry lyrics dedicated to Antifascist struggle, working class pride, street fights, rugby, football, martial arts and unity. The straightforward message of 210 gained it many enemies, especially among Neo-Nazis who attempted to physically attack the band numerous times. But despite all the problems with the authorities and boneheads the position of the band still remains the same: strong opposition to any forms of fascism and discrimination and call for international friendship!
210 has released 3 albums: “First Blood”( 2009) ,“Not One Step Back”(2010) and Generation (2014) and played countless shows across Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – most of them were benefit events in support of the Antifa movement. Check them out in April 2018!

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30/04/2018 D-Schwäbisch Gmünd, JUZ Esperanza
01/05/2018 D-Freiburg, Kiez 57
02/05/2018 D-Dortmund, Recorder
03/05/2018 D-Bonn, N8lounge
04/05/2018 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
05/05/2018 D-Lauchhammer, Rote Zora
07/05/2018 CZ-Budweis, Velbloud Musik Bar
08/05/2018 CZ-Prague, Café na půl cesty
09/05/2018 D-Chemnitz, Subway to Peter
10/05/2018 D-Münster, Baracke
11/05/2018 D-Bremen, tba
12/05/2018 D-Greifswald, JUZ Klex
13/05/2018 PL-Gdansk, Klub Desdemona


THE RAMONAS (UK) – on tour!

As the name suggests The Ramonas are an all female tribute to the iconic New York Punk Rock band Ramones. Originally conceived back in 2004, The Ramonas have evolved into a fully fledged, razor sharp live band in their own right! Touring, Touring is never boring and these girls are guaranteed to play high energy, full throttle one hour shows that’ll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit. These four lovable cretins rarely even stop for a quick sip of water and a hello…. It’s 1234 and they’re onto the next hit, and the great thing is that they do it all in their own unique way…. wherever they play, from the UK to Europe to the USA!
Since 2016 the girls have also been releasing their own original material. Their debut EP ‘You Asked For It’ is out now via their website and iTunes and in September 2017 they launch their debut album ‘First World Problems’!
2017 will see the girls touring all over the UK & Europe playing the Ramones iconic live album ‘It’s Alive’ in full plus more hits and their own material.

03/05/2018 F-Lille, L’Imposture Bar
04/05/2018 D-Köln, Museum
05/05/2018 B-Herentals, Herental Rock City
06/05/2018 F-private beerparty
08/05/2018 I-Savigliano, Mezcal
09/05/2018 D-München, Import Export
10/05/2018 D-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
11/05/2018 D-Auggen, Raumstation Sternen
12/05/2018 A-Salzburg, Mark
13/05/2018 A-Wien, Chelsea
14/05/2018 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
15/05/2018 D-Berlin, Cassiopeia
16/05/2018 S-Malmö, Folk a Rock
17/05/2018 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
18/05/2018 D-Mannheim, 7er Club
19/05/2018 F-Colmar, Bombpops


LOMBEGO SURFERS – on tour with a brand new album!

Trends often wash new bands to the shore only to drown them again with the next wave. But not The Lombego Surfers. For over twenty years now, the three rockers from Boston and Basel have sailed through Europe. They have never been bothered with current trends, following only the Jolly Roger flags painted on their bones by Dirk Bonsma. There often is no gold where they land. A cask of rum, whisky or beer is reason enough for the trio to start a hearty surf’n’roll mutiny.
And the band just released their brand new album “HEADING OUT” as LP/CD (2018, Flight 13 Records) which you gotta grab at one of their shows! No excuses!

27/04/2018 D-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
28/04/2018 A-Hallein, Zone 11
29/04/2018 D-Wilkau-Haßlau, private beerfest
30/04/2018 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
01/05/2018 D-Waldkirchen, AZ Dorftrottel
02/05/2018 CZ-Prag, Cross Club
03/05/2018 D-Töging, Schutzraum
04/05/2018 D-Nürnberg, Zentralcafe K4
05/05/2018 CH-St Gallen, Grabenhalle
17/05/2018 CH-Bern, Rössli
18/05/2018 CH-Schaffhausen, Taptab
19/05/2018 CH-Frauenfeld, Kaff
23/06/2018 CH-Ehrendingen, Festival des Arcs
01/09/2018 D-Arendsee, Rockt den See
14/09/2018 CH-Rorschach, Treppenhaus
15/09/2018 D-Auggen, Sternen
19/10/2018 D-Bamberg, Illusion Club
20/10/2018 D-Aschaffenburg, JUKUZ/ Beatbaracke


Kurt Baker Combo – on tour!

After many years playing up and down, coast to coast, over the pond and beyond with his group The Leftovers, and solo group The Kurt Baker Band, rock n’ roller power pop musician Kurt Baker decided he needed a new change of scenery and packed his bags for the city of Madrid, Spain. Landing there in 2013, the Kurt Baker Combo was formed.
While continuing in the tradition of the power pop sound Baker has been known for, the Combo also brings in elements of Pub Rock, Garage and no holds bar wild rock n’ roll a la The MC5, The Remains, Eddie and the Hotrods and Redd Kross.
The group presented their first full length in 2015, a live album titled “Muy Mola Live”. In the summer of 2015, the group began to prepare songs for their first studio full length “In Orbit” released on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records in the fall of 2016. By October 2017, the band was ready to recored their follow up LP for Wicked Cool records, titled “Let’s Go Wild”. A combination of all things fun and rock n’ roll, the album sees the Combo explore and expand on their many influences. “Let’s Go Wild” will be released on May, 18th 2018, with the first single “So Lonely” out on March 30th.
And the band is constantly touring all over the world since then. And they will be back touring in April 2018 again. Don’t miss your chance!

18/04/2018 F-Montpellier, Secret Place
19/04/2018 F-Lyon, Trokson
20/04/2018 F-Besancon, L’U
21/04/2018 D-Stuttgart, Kellerclub (w/ The Fleshtones)
22/04/2018 CH-Bern, Rössli (w/ The Fleshtones)
23/04/2018 D-Aachen, Musikbunker (w/ The Fleshtones)
24/04/2018 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom (w/ The Fleshtones)
25/04/2018 D-Chemnitz, Subway to Peter
26/04/2018 D-Osnabrück, Bastard Club
27/04/2018 D-Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang (w/ The Fleshtones)
28/04/2018 D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt
30/04/2018 D-Frankfurt, Feinstaub



The Fleshtones are one of the most active playing American garage rock bands ever. They are from Queens, New York and were formed in 1976. Their musical influences are rooted in the Rock’n’ Roll music from the 1950s and 1960s.
Their first hit single was the song “American Beat”. Their debut album “Roman Gods” hit the US album charts in 1978.
Since 1987, Keith Streng, Peter Zaremba, Bill Milhizer and the only new guy in the band, bassplayer Ken Fox who joined the band in 1990, constantly release new albums and tour the world.
In September 2016 The Fleshtones released their 21st album called “The band drinks for free” (Yeproc) to celebrate their 40th band anniversary.
And in April 2018 they are back on the road with their new album “Budget Buster” (Oct 2017) [LP/MP3 (YepRoc)], a compilation of all their b-sides and rarities they’ve put out over the last ten years, many of which are out-of-print and difficult to find, plus two tracks that have never seen the light of day! Not to mention, Budget Buster arrives on explosive red and yellow splatter vinyl!

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19/04/2018 D-Essen, Freakshow
20/04/2018 D-Kempten, My Skylounge
21/04/2018 D-Stuttgart, Kellerclub (w/ Kurt Baker Combo)
22/04/2018 CH-Bern, Rössli (w/ Kurt Baker Combo)
23/04/2018 D-Aachen, Musikbunker (w/ Kurt Baker Combo)
24/04/2018 D-Köln, Sonic Ballroom (w/ Kurt Baker Combo)
25/04/2018 D-Frankfurt, Yachtklub
26/04/2018 D-Münster, Gleis 22
27/04/2018 D-Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang (w/ Kurt Baker Combo)
28/04/2018 D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt
30/04/2018 D-Berlin, Wild at heart
01/05/2018 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
02/05/2018 S-Malmö, Folk a rock
03/05/0218 N-Oslo, Revolver
04/05/2018 S-Stockholm, Geronimo
05/05/2018 S-Visby, Wall of Sound